Edible Landscape Designs

Diverse use of the Cactaceae family
Diverse use of the Cactaceae family
Diverse use of flowers
Diverse use of flowers
Organic vegetable patch
Organic vegetable patch

‘My passion is Life: Gardening, community, art and good food. I love creating new gardens with people. Particularly gardens that can inspire other people, where amazing beauty can bring the soul in awe.’ 

– Kitzia Kokopelmana

The Kokopelmana Landscape Design Team is available for:

  • Garden Consultation per hour: Either visiting your site (ideally) or skype call consultation (for clients out of the East Cape region of Baja)

  • Master Planning

  • Garden Maintenance – only available on the East Cape region for Los Barriles, La Ribera & Cabo Pulmo, B.C.S., Mexico



‘Kitzia Kokopelmana has the gift to transform any barren desert into an abundant garden of Eden with the most fragrant and colorful lushness of organic sustainability. The deep knowledge and expertise she achieved through her many years of communion with the plant kingdom is reflected in her kind and generous spirit. Kitzia is a great inspiration and offers invaluable contribution to any community on the planet. The seeds she sows are not just awakening in the fertile ground she walks, but in the heart of the people who are blessed to share a few steps on the beauty path in her presence.’

– Kailash Kokopelli, Sound healing Master







‘Kitzia is an inspiration…a truly powerful, passionate and professional mover-shaker… She brings such beauty, clarity and direction to all that she gets involved with… I have been amazed over the years to see all that Kitzia is capable of orchestrating, with grace and enthusiasm and I am so grateful for all that she shares here in this world…’

– Angela Stokes-Monarch, Co-Founder Raw Food World